How to Sell an Employer on Your Weaknesses

By being able to communicate your weaknesses in a positive manner is an invaluable skill to have in job interviews but one that requires a bit of creativity! Here is our guide to dealing with inquiries regarding your weaknesses: 

The Big Question: “What’s your biggest weakness?”

This question will inevitably come up in almost any interview you will go to, so be prepared. However…

Don’t be too Prepared

Being too prepared makes you sound rehearsed and not like, well, you! Don’t rehearse a script you saw on the internet or even one that you wrote. An employer wants to see how well you can communicate on the spot, so let your natural charisma shine!

Be Sincere

Don’t go with a clichéd response like “I work too hard”– an employer will see right through it! Instead, use a legitimate weakness, but one that isn’t relevant to the role you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying to be a writer, saying that you’re a terrible public speaker is a good choice because chances are that wouldn’t be part of the job description.

Show Off Commitment to Self-Improvement

Try selling a weakness you already are working on improving. This way you can focus on your improvement and achievements, and less on your weakness. For example, if public speaking is your weakness, mentioning that you are attending Toastmasters or improv classes will show your commitment to improving.

What if an employer acknowledges that you don’t have a particular skill?

Ideally, before the interview, you would be prepared to explain how you would tackle this slight learning curve. Be creative–everyone has transferable skills from other experiences in their life, you must find the sweet spot between where your previous experience meets this new challenge and communicate just how it is applicable, clearly and logically.

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