Creating a No-Nonsense Team Building Plan

Why is Team Building Important?

The word “team-building” causes some to cringe thinking of the cheesy, inorganic ways that corporations force employees to bond. And yes, we have all been subject to some cheesy, or worse, ineffective methods of team building; but this doesn’t mean that the concept itself is not worthwhile. Having a well-connected team will not only ensure your business is delivering positive customer service experiences, it will also boost overall employee happiness.

Regular Team Meetings

Get your people on the same page with regularly scheduled team meetings! Team meetings are the glue that keeps a team together. When everyone is caught up on new projects and daily tasks, it provides a better space for open discussion. Most importantly, optimize team meetings by taking a few moments to ask the team their honest thoughts on how things can be improved. This allow employees to call out each other’s achievements to keep the team’s spirits high.

Team Incentives vs. Individual Incentives

Incentivizing individuals for their hard work is a great way to keep motivation high. Not to mention, incentivizing employees as a team is even better because it encourages employees to support one another in their performance and build stronger team connections.

Team Building in Workshops

The learning does not stop on training day! Workshops can gather the team together to help smooth out learning curves and give another opportunity for team members to get to know each other. Equally important, to optimize teambuilding in workshops, avoid anything lecture-style, and allow the learning to take place in groups! For example, host a Customer Service Problem Solving workshop, where a CS problem is given to each group and they must brainstorm solutions as a team.

Tip —Have an objective for teambuilding exercises. Instead of having employees play games in hopes they build better relationships, ensure these games serve a specific purpose like understanding a co-worker’s communication style or life goals.

Team Building Events

Fun events outside of work brings teams closer as it allows employees a more comfortable space to loosen up and have fun! Here are some ideas for team outings and events:

5k Charity Run – Supporting a meaningful cause brings people together. Let your employees discuss and vote on which charity they would like to support!

Scavenger Hunt – Done in groups. They are a fun way to get teams to practice better communication skills– with a little friendly competition.

Escape Room – Escape rooms are the perfect team problem-solving exercise. When encouraging members to put their head together, they can rely on each other for support.

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